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The greatest Snowstorm ever in New York City and Elmhurst New York. Twenty-six to thirty-one inches fell

The record snowfall stretched from North Carolina to just North of New York. January 22 through January 24 2016

This is what 30 inches of snow looked like. Almost 3 inches of sold water on top of the ground

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Intense New York Blizzard Snowy courtyard Blizzard at night 81st street was not plowed immediately Elhurst Towers sunny on Sunday Blizzard on 82nd street Coisacoisa car in the Blizzard Buried Cars Blizzard street panorama Some cars buried in the Blizzard  Blizzard on 82nd Street, 2016

 80 Million people were stopped in the Northeast - we were some of them

A record setter Blizzard was predicted in 2015 but it was not - see our blog page about it

We were hold up in our apartment from Friday, January 22 to just before noon on Sunday, January 24, 2016.   It started to snow lightly at about 8:30 pm Friday and did not stop until after 2:00 am on Sunday - 28 to 30 hours of snow.

Saturday was Olga's birthday

There was about 10 inches of snow Saturday morning and Helton insisted on taking a cab to Olga.  Dennis refused to go, believing that it would only get worse

Helton got to Olga's ok.  The storm intensified after 12 noon. Helton only stayed an hour.  He called a cab, got into it but it got stuck on the way home.  He had to walk, after paying the cab half the rate.  He trounced through 15 or more inches and got home exhausted 

We watched the whole storm out our window

The storm intensified with the worst being from 1 pm to 9 pm; it tapered off quick by 10 pm with only light snow continuing to 2 am

It started to warm up immediately and was melting when we got out into it at about 11 am on Sunday

Records were set for the region's entire width and breath of the storm. Just a few miles north of New York city only a couple of inches fell

Helton in 30 inches of snow

See a super sized version Helton in 30 inches of snow photo 6672 x 2137

Let it snow, Let it snow


blizzard, New York, great, 2016, North Carolina, city, greatest, January, 23, 24, ever

Photographed with Fuji, Winphone Lumia 640, and Canon Cameras