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Helenice's Snowy Birthday Party

Special Guests Thaissa and Thacila From Brazil

Saturday, On a Snowy New York January Evening - The Winter Wallop of 2005

A Blizzard and a Party - Includes a recipe how to make a Caipirinha with snow. Cachaça (spelled Cachaça in English) required

The party and playing in the snow extended from Saturday January 22 through January 23, 2005

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A snowman in New York City Snowy birthday party Group saying cheese 13 Americans and Brazilians were guests
Absence makes the heart grow fonder Cousins and dancing Miras is drunk Everyone say Pizza!
Helton blurry Helton with a boom Singing his heart out He will sing for you
  Helton mimics Maria Bethania    
Thumbs/tn_Helenice_Birthday_Party_2005_0122_I.jpg Blurry group Aunt Helenice and Raph Cousins Raphael and Thacila
Sisters hug Rose wants a drink Thumbs/tn_Helenice_Birthday_Party_2005_0122_O.jpg Thumbs/tn_Helenice_Birthday_Party_2005_0122_P.jpg
Thumbs/tn_Olga_Toby_A.jpg Toby in 2005 Thumbs/tn_Olga_Toby_C.jpg Thacila had a Caipirinha made with snow
Clowning snow eating Thumbs/tn_Party_Drink_With_Snow_C.jpg Snow in a glass Thumbs/tn_Party_Drink_With_Snow_E.jpg
Sipping a drink made with snow Thumbs/tn_Party_Drink_With_Snow_G.jpg Another one Thumbs/tn_Party_Drink_With_Snow_I.jpg
Showing of the Caipirinha made of snow Dennis does it Thacila drinks a strong drink Thumbs/tn_Party_Drink_With_Snow_M.jpg
Birthday party snow balls Heavenly snow Thaissa and Thacila Helenice Knuth Helton Wintertime Brazilians
Snow on 45th Avenue Snow flakes from the 10th Floor Capturing Snow flakes Looking down from the 6th Floor
They wanted snow, they got it Thumbs/tn_Snow_Outside_2005_0123_B.jpg Thaissa with blocks of snow Lea joins the snow party
Bench covered with snow Happy in the snow Not sing that tune Making a snow ball
Teaching how to make snow angels The thrill making snow angels A snow angel in 2005 in Queens New York Queen of the hill
Thacila Demonstrating Her Pleasure Heloisa snuggles in the snow Squint Flashed flake of snow
Raphael loves a man of snow A car buried in the snow Snow block and Heloisa Thumbs/tn_Snow_Outside_2005_0123_T.jpg
Aunt Son and Mom Helenice falls in the snow Picking up water with your bar hands Lea with the sisters
I love that snowman Carrying for a snowman's health American snowman park snowman
Snowman Raphael 2nd Shot photograph Snowy sliding Flag in the snow
Elmhurst cars piled with snow Towering snow at Emhurst Throwing snow Dressed up in the snow
First snow photographs for Brazilians Loving the snow Waiting for snow salvation The Salvation snow starts
A garbage truck snow plow 87th Street Snow Storm Thaissa is a great clown  

Olga and Helenice Share the Same Birthdate  Jauary 23.  Olga was born in 1918

It's the first trip for Thaissa and Thacila to New York and the USA, they were excited waiting for a snow storm to start

The girls are from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Helenice and Heloisa are their aunts, and Helton is their Uncle. The girls were delighted to see snow for the first time

Brazilians playing in the snow for the first time

Thaissa and Thacila came to New York with Helenice to visit family and friends.  They got the treat of a snowstorm; January is summertime in Brazil


USA, family, Helton, party, 2005, friends, January, celebrate, Birthdays, arrives, Brazil,

Photographed by Dennis with Olympus C120 D380 and Casio Ex Z40 digital cameras