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Coisa Coisa! The end of the 20th Century. The Cusp of the 21st and the beginning of a new era with family and friends

CoisaCoisa 1999 Photos Index

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Helton and Elvera at Jeanettes 12 31 1999 Heloisa and Raphael Marcos and Helton at Superstition Mountain   
New Years Eve 1999 (and New Years Day 2000) 1999-01-10 Raphael and Heloisa at Home

1999-01-25 Phoenix with Marcos

  Dennis in 1999 in Phoenix  Dennis and Raphael   
1999-03-17 Party with Silesia and Helton at Home 1999-03-19 Gloria Erv and Dennis in Phoenix 1999-04-11 Dennis and Raphael at the Circus  
Dennis and Pat    Ardit Dennis John   
1999-04-22 Pat Grode Bauch in New York 1999-05-11 Mothers Day in Wisconsin 1999-09-05 Labor Day in Wisconsin with Tom and Family  

Other 1999

Erv and Gloria on Wikiki  1999_11__05_umberto_bparty_at_greenfields_6.jpg 1999 Christmas Part RDA

1999-10-07 Hawaii with Erv and Gloria

1999-11-05 Umberto Birthday Party

Christmas Party of RDA 1999-12-15

1999 Christmas Part RDA  Justin Paul Moore in 2000 glasses  diamond head
1999-12-25 RDA Christmas Party at Wanderson's and Rosangela

Party Like It's 1999 - News Years Eve

Hawaii with Erv and Gloria