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New Years Eve 1999 and New Years Day 2000. Our holiday trip to Wisconsin

 Photos in Eau Claire,  Augusta and Durand Wisconsin

Eleanor Richter, Dennis, Debbie, Nancy Guse and the rest of the family

The End of the 20th Century and the Beginning of the 21st Century

Link to a Snowy Day in Wisconsin, Click a picture to see a larger view.
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Ellie Richtor and Dennis Rene Harke, Thomas Randal and Merlyn Olson December 31 1999 Donna Papenfus New Years Ever Raising a toast Nancy Guse and Dennis 1999 New Years Evening Park House Inn Merlyn Olson at the end of the 20the Century Sherri in 2000 glasses Justin Paul Moore wears 2000 glasses Helton in 2000 glasses 1999 Gary in 2000 glasses Dennis Wishes Gloria a Happy Birthday 2000 Emogene in 2000 New Years Glasses Nathan Moore Sherri on New Years Eve John Knuth in 1999 Ardith Knuth in 1999 Ardith and Dennis laughing Nathan Sherri John Knuth 1999 Norma Grams Wheeler and Elvera New Years Eve 1999 Bob Wheeler and Helton December 31 1999 Elvera Vern and Emogene Helton and Elvera at Jeanettes 12 31 1999 Dennis and Jeanette New Year's Eve 1999 Gary Sherri and Don Biesecker, December 31 1999 Helton and Jeanette New Years Eve 1999 Jeanette and Helton on New Years Eve Kareoke Dennis and Sherri January 1 2000 Helton is a snowy forest on January 1 Sherri Gary and Dennis New Years Day 2000 Returning to New York Jan first Tom Randall 1999 Peggy Randall on January 1 2000 Helton Depaulo on January 1 2000 Snowy Wisconsin Day Newt Gingrich with Tom and Peggy Randall

Trip to greet long time friends and family for the beginning of the New Year and the New Century

January 1 2000 was on a Saturday. We flew Frontier Airlines from New York to Milwaukee on the Thursday before and rented a car to Drive to Durand.  Frontier had the best price and we got a weekend rate on the rented trip.

Our first stop was to see Eleanor Richtor in Milwaukee.  Eleanor was a senior citizen and former Woolworth employee for Dennis. She was pretty much alone in a retirement apartment and was over joyed to see us.

We started our New Years Eve partying in Augusta Wisconsin.  Helton didn't attend but Dennis joined his friends at the hotel in Augusta Wisconsin for supper.  We continued back in Durand with Family and finished the night at  aunt Jeanette's in Eau Claire Wisconsin

We had to get back to Milwaukee and fly to New York on New Year's Day.  We drove through a blinding snow storm to Eau Claire to greet Emogene and then on to Augusta Wisconsin to visit Tom and Peggy.  The snow storm turned to a rain storm as we approached Black River Falls.  It rained heavily all the way back to Milwaukee.  It was white knuckle time for most of the trip because of the severe wind and weather

This New Years is the one and only time that all four digits of the Calendar roll over.  Once every one thousand years and we got to celebrate it

Eau Claire, Augusta, Durand, Wheeler, Grams, Guse, Nancy, Beginning, Eleanor Richtor, Eleanor, Richtor, Century, Jeanette, Ayres, Sherri, Saxe, Nathan Moore, Justin Moore, Dennis, Merlin Olson, Tom Randall, Peggy, Debbie Randall, Lee Erickson

Photographs with Dennis's Fujifilm DX-7 digital camera