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Remembering Nancy Randall Guse of Augusta Wisconsin

Nancy was a lifelong friend and a lifelong relative

Nancy passed away on Monday August 11, 2014 Link to: Nancy's Obituary

I will especially miss the "knee slapping" good times.  I teased Nancy at those laughing moments as real "Knee slappers" with that physical movement following.  She mimicked the movement and it made us laugh even more

Nancy being Nancy at some visits and some events

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Nancy and Shirley Kathy and Nancy Nancy Randall Guse at the Bean and Bacon Days Celebration July 2001
Nancy in 1999 There are 3 other Nancy photos in this  group of Mothers Day weekend photos.  See them on the Index including one with Nancy's lifelong friend, Shirley Visiting the Daniels' with Nancy in 1988.  Index of the fun remembering the Twins in their Weddings.  AKA Giggles with Kathy Nancy with Marsha on Bean and Bacon Days 2001.  Index of other photos in the Bean and Bacon Days 2001 too

My Favorite Nancy Photos


  Nancy Nancy Guse and Dennis 1999 New Years Evening Nancy Guse
  Peggy's 50th Birthday Party Index of the Bus Tour.  And Nancy in 2001 Nancy on New Year's Eve 1999 at the Hotel in Augusta. Index of the New Years Eve photos This is Nancy in 2003.  The subject of weight came up and Nancy was self conscious about it, hiding the few pounds she had gained.  We teased about our add'l pounds and it made the photos a knee slapper.  Index of photos of Tom Peggy and Janet.

The very best thing about Nancy was her willingness to always laugh and her sense of humor. Nancy was lifelong friends with many and best friends with some very fortunate people

Debbie R. and I referred to Nancy as our Edith (as in Edith Bunker).  She was always honest, straight forward, unaffected and caring; and, mostly, unchanging.  Nancy always saw good in everybody

I don't think that Nancy ever really disliked anyone.  Nancy didn't like what they did, how they behaved or what they believed but she saw love inside everyone and she was always forgiving.

My favorite serious moment with Nancy was when we were just "kids", probably in our 20's.  We were speaking of problems with people and relationships, we were talking with the always present laughs and giggles that were in every conversation with Nancy.  Nancy's answer to those problems?  "Love! When you love somebody .........."  I remember the moment and the words from over 44 years ago

Nancy was shy but easy to laugh with:  Tease her a little bit and off you go.  Love you Nancy!