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Peggy's 50th Birthday party in 2001. Tom rents a bus and fills it up with friends and family.

The entourage heads out for dinner at Rock Falls. Family and Friends help make the 50th memorable for Peggy.  This day was made just for Peggy

The ultimate destination was a secret and there was an intermediate stop for refreshments and cocktails

May 12, 2001

2001_05_12_PeggyBDay (54 images) Peggy 50th Birthday 2001 - The Bus to the Party

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Bus Pickup Request for Peggy's 50th Birthday Nancy Randall Guse Matt Guse Lee Erickson enjoys the ride Tom comes down the aisle inspecting Scott and Stacey Diane joins the party to celebrate Tom with friends Family and friends smile on Peggys special birthday occasion Roger Guse of Augusta Wisconsin Jean Strauch and her husband Ron Harke of Augusta Wisconsin Rose Guse and friend Janet Harke on the road to a birthday celebration Peggy Randall's 50th Birthday May 12, 2001 - Guests - Bpb Oves and Carl Rene Harke This day is made just for Peggy Unidentified Guests Nancy Guse gets excited Scott and tom half way through the adventure Daughter Debbie gets off Debbie exhalts in th ecelebration Stacey steps down A friend gets off the bus Peggy's mom smiles about the trip Stopping to use the loo A quick stop break on the birthday express Algene gets off the bus Peggy finds out the destination Peggy Randall's 50th Birthday - Guests  without a name Guests getting off th ebuss for a quick one The male guest is unknown but Rene Harke gets off the bus Bob Ives and Carl Ives exit the bus for the intermediate stop Guests at JT's in Humbird Wisconsin Dennis and Janet have a date at a Fairchild Tavern Lee Erickson at JTs saloon in Humbird Wisconsin New guests join in the entourage Peggy Randall's 50th Birthday May 12, 2001 - The Bus Driver I don't know this person getting off the bus Who is this person exiting the bus Nancy waves as the exits the bus Part 1 of the group exiting the bus Part 2 of the group exiting the bus Part 3 of the group exiting the bus Nancy Randall waves Scott Randall grabs his seat Rose and Nancy Guse being seated at the dinner table The mother of the birthday girl The dinner guests waiting to be served Bobby Ives and Carl chat with Peggy and Tom before dinner Tom Randall and Pegg at her 50th Birthday Lee Erickson and Matt wait for dinner to be served Nancy sips a drink as we eat Beth enjoys the 50th Anniversary of Peggy's birth Diane Peggy and Nancy dine in Rock Falls

Dennis is the surprise mystery guest at Peggy's 50th Birthday celebration in 2001. Tom rents a bus for an entourage destination unknown. Dennis makes his own bus stop at the east lawn cemetery in Augusta Wisconsin.  Surprise Surprise, seems no one surprised 

The intermediate stop was at a small Tavern / Saloon called R T's place.  The bar has a Humbird Wisconsin address but it was just a mile outside of Fairchild Wisconsin.  We stopped for cocktails beer and sodas

Family and friends smile on Peggy's special birthday occasion


The Bus load and entourage for Peggy's 50th Birthday in 2001

Peggy's 50th Birthday Busload panorama

The photo is a panorama of page 41, 42 and 43.  Peggy's guests are still exiting the bus


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