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Day 4. Sherri and Gary cruising the Mexican coast and taking in some sun

Part 2: Day 4

March 27, 2006

2006-03-27-Mexico (48 images) Click a picture to see a larger view.
Sherri and Gary Mexico 2006-03-27
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2006_03_27_mexico_0.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_1.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_2.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_4.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_6.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_9.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_13.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_14.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_15.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_17.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_20.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_24.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_25.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_26.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_27.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_28.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_29.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_30.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_31.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_32.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_33.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_35.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_36.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_37.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_38.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_39.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_41.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_42.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_43.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_44.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_45.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_47.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_48.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_53.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_54.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_0.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_55.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_56.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_57.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_58.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_60.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_61.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_63.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_64.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_65.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_66.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_67.jpg 2006_03_27_mexico_68.jpg

Sun shine and Warmth

March is still cold in Wisconsin

On Shore and on Ship, a good time to do what you want

Mexican, sun, 2006, cruise, Mexico, beach, Sherri, coast, 27, March, day, 4, Gary
Photographs with Sherri's Panasonic DMC-LZ5 camera