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Wedding photos at the Ascension Lutheran Church in Minocqua after the ceremony

August 6, 2005

50-church photos after wedding (75 images) Click a picture to see a larger view.

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Show setup 2005_08_00_church_photos_030.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_031.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_032.jpg Hand holding 2005_08_00_church_photos_034.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_035.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_036.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_037.jpg Mother of the Bride 2005_08_00_church_photos_039.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_040.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_041.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_042.jpg turned head 2005_08_00_church_photos_044.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_045.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_046.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_047.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_048.jpg Bridesmaid photographs 2005_08_00_church_photos_050.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_051.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_052.jpg Bridesmaid wait 2005_08_00_church_photos_054.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_055.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_056.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_057.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_058.jpg Grandparents waiting 2005_08_00_church_photos_060.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_061.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_062.jpg brothers and friends 2005_08_00_church_photos_064.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_065.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_066.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_067.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_068.jpg Ring bearer and flower girl 2005_08_00_church_photos_070.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_071.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_073.jpg photographer suggestions 2005_08_00_church_photos_076.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_078.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_079.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_080.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_082.jpg Justin blinks 2005_08_00_church_photos_084.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_085.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_086.jpg Getting Poised 2005_08_00_church_photos_088.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_089.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_090.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_091.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_092.jpg Brothers 2005_08_00_church_photos_094.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_095.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_096.jpg holding hands 2005_08_00_church_photos_099.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_100.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_101.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_102.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_103.jpg family 2005_08_00_church_photos_105.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_106.jpg 2005_08_00_church_photos_107.jpg Altar Version 3

Julia is no longer a bachelorette.

Official Wedding Photographs at the Church

The bridal court waits around in the church for their turn to be photographed.  Boring!  The ceremony guests have left for better times at the reception venue

The photos are taken by point and shoot a digital cameras.  Documenting the wedding photos casually.  The photos are candid and show what's going on while the professional takes wedding remembrances.  We mimic soon of the pro's poised shots

Justin and Julia 2005 wedding banner


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