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Sherri Jared and Kelsey visit Downtown in Manhattan with Dennis

Touring the Brooklyn Bridge and the Financial District

September 14, 2014

09-22-bridge (48 images)Click a picture to see a larger view.

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2014_09_21_downtown_0001.jpg Professional modeling in downtown New York City Dennis and Jared in downtown New York 2014_09_21_downtown_0004.jpg 2014_09_21_downtown_0005.jpg 2014_09_21_downtown_0006.jpg 2014_09_21_downtown_0007.jpg 2014_09_21_downtown_0008.jpg 2014_09_21_downtown_0009.jpg 2014_09_21_downtown_0010.jpg 2014_09_21_downtown_0011.jpg 2014_09_21_downtown_0012.jpg 2014_09_21_downtown_0013.jpg 2014_09_21_downtown_0014.jpg 2014_09_21_downtown_0015.jpg 2014_09_21_downtown_0016.jpg on the Brooklyn Bridge 2014_09_21_downtown_0018.jpg 2014_09_21_downtown_0019.jpg 2014_09_21_downtown_0020.jpg 2014_09_21_downtown_0021.jpg 2014_09_21_downtown_0022.jpg 2014_09_21_downtown_0023.jpg City hall park fountain 2014_09_21_downtown_0026.jpg 2014_09_21_downtown_0027.jpg 2014_09_21_downtown_0028.jpg 2014_09_21_k_iphone_bridge_129.jpg 2014_09_21_k_iphone_bridge_130.jpg 2014_09_21_k_iphone_bridge_131.jpg 2014_09_21_k_iphone_bridge_132.jpg 2014_09_21_k_iphone_bridge_133.jpg 2014_09_21_k_iphone_bridge_134.jpg 2014_09_21_k_iphone_bridge_135.jpg 2014_09_21_k_iphone_bridge_136.jpg 2014_09_21_k_iphone_bridge_137.jpg 2014_09_21_k_iphone_bridge_138.jpg 2014_09_21_k_iphone_bridge_139.jpg 2014_09_21_k_iphone_bridge_140.jpg 2014_09_21_k_iphone_bridge_141.jpg 2014_09_21_k_iphone_bridge_142.jpg 2014_09_21_k_iphone_bridge_143.jpg 2014_09_21_k_iphone_bridge_144.jpg 2014_09_21_k_iphone_bridge_145.jpg 2014_09_21_k_iphone_bridge_146.jpg 2014_09_21_k_iphone_bridge_147.jpg 2014_09_21_k_iphone_bridge_148.jpg 2014_09_21_k_iphone_bridge_149.jpg

Spires, Bridges and historic buildings

China Town, Brooklyn, Bridge, City, Hall, Park, Denny's, Restaurant. Ground Zero and the Central Park Zoo

We walked until our feet were swollen and then we walked some more.  Jared's and Kelsey's world expanded with this visit.  Kelsey was much impressed with the unique architecture in this older part of the Big Apple


New York, Park, Central, Museum, Ground, Zero, Downtown, Riis, Park, Broadway, Zoo