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Sherri Jared and Kelsey visit Riis Park Beach on the first day of vacation

Jared takes his first plane ride

Day One and Two

09 17 and 18 Arrival and Beach (93 images) Click a picture to see a larger view.

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Jared at the airport 2014_09_17_trip_k_iphone_0001.jpg 2014_09_17_trip_k_iphone_0002.jpg 2014_09_17_trip_k_iphone_0003.jpg 2014_09_17_trip_k_iphone_0004.jpg 2014_09_17_trip_k_iphone_0005.jpg Selfie on the plane 2014_09_17_trip_k_iphone_0007.jpg 2014_09_17_day1_k_iphone_0014.jpg 2014_09_17_day1_k_iphone_0015.jpg Dennis Knuth Jared and Kelsey in Moore Park Queens 2014_09_17_chinese_supremarket_k_iphone_0010.jpg 2014_09_17_chinese_supremarket_k_iphone_0011.jpg 2014_09_17_chinese_supremarket_k_iphone_0012.jpg 2014_09_17_arrive_s_iphone_0003.jpg Dennis Kelsey and Jared in the waves 2014_09_18_sherri_beach_nyc_002.jpg Size of a whale 2014_09_18_sherri_beach_nyc_004.jpg 2014_09_18_sherri_beach_nyc_005.jpg 2014_09_18_sherri_beach_nyc_006.jpg 2014_09_18_sherri_beach_nyc_007.jpg 2014_09_18_sherri_beach_nyc_008.jpg 2014_09_18_sherri_beach_nyc_009.jpg 2014_09_18_sherri_beach_nyc_010.jpg 2014_09_18_sherri_beach_nyc_011.jpg Wisconsonites on the beach grandkids 2014_09_18_sherri_beach_nyc_014.jpg 2014_09_18_sherri_beach_nyc_015.jpg 2014_09_18_sherri_beach_nyc_016.jpg 2014_09_18_sherri_beach_nyc_017.jpg Dennis, Kelsey and Jared 2014_09_18_sherri_beach_nyc_019.jpg 2014_09_18_sherri_beach_nyc_020.jpg 2014_09_18_sherri_beach_nyc_021.jpg 2014_09_18_sherri_beach_nyc_022.jpg first ocean look Butts out the window Agressive seagulls 2014_09_18_sherri_beach_nyc_025.jpg 2014_09_18_sherri_beach_nyc_026.jpg 2014_09_18_sherri_beach_nyc_027.jpg 2014_09_18_sherri_beach_nyc_028.jpg 2014_09_18_sherri_beach_nyc_029.jpg 2014_09_18_sherri_beach_nyc_030.jpg 2014_09_18_sherri_beach_nyc_031.jpg 2014_09_18_sherri_beach_nyc_033.jpg 2014_09_18_sherri_beach_nyc_034.jpg 2014_09_18_sherri_beach_nyc_035.jpg Dennis and Jared in the sand 2014_09_18_sherri_beach_nyc_038.jpg 2014_09_18_sherri_beach_nyc_036.jpg 2014_09_18_sherri_beach_nyc_037.jpg Quiet beach 2014_09_18_beach_k_iphone_0016.jpg 2014_09_18_beach_k_iphone_0017.jpg 2014_09_18_beach_k_iphone_0018.jpg 2014_09_18_beach_k_iphone_0019.jpg Waves washing the shore 2014_09_18_beach_k_iphone_0021.jpg 2014_09_18_beach_k_iphone_0022.jpg 2014_09_18_beach_k_iphone_0023.jpg 2014_09_18_beach_k_iphone_0024.jpg Wave 2014_09_18_beach_k_iphone_0026.jpg Jared demonstrated disappointment on the beach 2014_09_18_beach_k_iphone_0028.jpg 2014_09_18_beach_k_iphone_0029.jpg 2014_09_18_beach_k_iphone_0030.jpg 2014_09_18_beach_k_iphone_0031.jpg seagulls watching us 2014_09_18_beach_k_iphone_0033.jpg 2014_09_18_beach_k_iphone_0034.jpg 2014_09_18_beach_s_iphone_0005.jpg 2014_09_18_beach_s_iphone_0006.jpg 2014_09_18_beach_s_iphone_0007.jpg 2014_09_18_beach_k_iphone_0035.jpg 2014_09_18_beach_k_iphone_0036.jpg escaping waves 2014_09_18_beach_k_iphone_0038.jpg 2014_09_18_beach_k_iphone_0039.jpg 2014_09_18_beach_k_iphone_0040.jpg 2014_09_18_beach_k_iphone_0041.jpg 2014_09_18_beach_k_iphone_0042.jpg Jared flexing his muscles 2014_09_18_beach_k_iphone_0044.jpg 2014_09_18_beach_k_iphone_0045.jpg 2014_09_18_beach_k_iphone_0046.jpg 2014_09_18_beach_k_iphone_0047.jpg Nasty Seagulls 2014_09_18_beach_k_iphone_0049.jpg Seagulls soaring

Kelsey Jared and Sherri arrive on September 17 in the Afternoon

It was Jared first plane ride and Both he and Kelsey's first trip to New York City.  The arrival was in the afternoon so the first day in NYC was short.  The tourists from Durand took the waning hours to walk around Helton and Dennis's neighborhood in Elmhurst Queens New York.

September is the most splendid month to visit New York city.  The weather is usually perfect, in the low 80's and the Skies are usually crystal.  Besides, most of the screaming tourist kids have gone home to school. 

The second day of the troop from Wisconsin was a day at one of New York City's fine beaches: Riis Park in the Rockaways

Jared said "It's even better that I expected"

He loved the beach and here are our pictures


New York, beach, first, day, tourist, Wisconsin, Queens, Riis, Park, Jared, Kelsey, Dennis, Sherri

Photos taken with iPhones; 4s and the Nikon COOLPIX S8200 by Dennis, Kelsey and Sherri