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Justin and Colin Take in a Yankee Game.  First time baseball for a five year old

The New York Yankees versus the Los Angeles Angels

April 26, 2014

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2014_04_26_colin_and_justin_ny_yankees_img_0006.jpg 2014_04_26_colin_and_justin_ny_yankees_img_0007.jpg 2014_04_26_yankees_w_justin_colin_07.jpg just getting our seat 2014_04_26_yankees_w_justin_colin_10.jpg 2014_04_26_colin_and_justin_ny_yankees_img_0008.jpg 2014_04_26_colin_and_justin_ny_yankees_img_0009.jpg 2014_04_26_colin_and_justin_ny_yankees_img_0010.jpg 2014_04_26_colin_and_justin_ny_yankees_img_0011.jpg Discussing baseball 2014_04_26_colin_and_justin_ny_yankees_img_0013.jpg 2014_04_26_colin_and_justin_ny_yankees_img_0014.jpg 2014_04_26_colin_and_justin_ny_yankees_img_0015.jpg 2014_04_26_colin_and_justin_ny_yankees_img_0016.jpg 2014_04_26_colin_and_justin_ny_yankees_img_0017.jpg 2014_04_26_colin_and_justin_ny_yankees_img_0018.jpg 2014_04_26_colin_and_justin_ny_yankees_img_0019.jpg Diamond in the background 2014_04_26_colin_and_justin_ny_yankees_img_0021.jpg 2014_04_26_colin_and_justin_ny_yankees_img_0022.jpg positioning 2014_04_26_colin_and_justin_ny_yankees_img_0024.jpg Catching cap 2014_04_26_colin_and_justin_ny_yankees_img_0026.jpg 2014_04_26_colin_and_justin_ny_yankees_img_0027.jpg 2014_04_26_colin_and_justin_ny_yankees_img_0028.jpg 2014_04_26_colin_and_justin_ny_yankees_img_0029.jpg Afternoon nap 2014_04_26_yankees_w_justin_colin_06.jpg Friends 2014_04_26_yankees_w_justin_colin_11.jpg Gavin

Justin and Colin come to New York

We started out the day in Elmhurst, Colin and Justin having arrived by car the day before. We took the E train, then the D train then the 4 train up to Yankee stadium.  The trip was about an hour

We got to Yankee Stadium about 10 am.  Justin called his New York friend and we met him at a bar about three blocks from the stadium. The waitresses in the bar were all wild about Colin

There are no public toilets outside the stadium

We had a couple of beers and then went to get tickets.  Justin got $100 tickets for $50 with a military discount.  The lines were long; we had to wait to get the tickets and then into the stadium.  Colin had to go to the bath room, there were none available outside the stadium.  Justin held his place in the ticket line and Dennis and Colin traipsed back to the bar to use the toilet, a six block round trip.  The waitresses fawned over Colin again so he was amazingly cool with the long walk

The weather was in the low 70's; great for a game and great for April.  We had a lot of beers, hot dogs and soda.

The trip back to queens by train was crowded, papa Justin held Colin the whole way.

It was time for an early Diner

We ended the day at Chee'burger, Chee'burger in Forest Hills New York, a chain Restaurant with a 1950's theme.  Colin loved the cardboard cars the waitresses gave him.  He took it back to Dennis' apartment and then to his home in Maryland for his Brother Gavin

Dennis was tired with all the beer and food and Colin with his long day for a five year old.  We took a nap and Justin snapped a picture

Baseball, New York, April, Yankees, Dennis, Colin, Gavin, Yankees, friends, beer, bar, stadium, 2014
Photos by Dennis with an iPhone 4s