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Brazil Trip Agenda - July 13 through July 26 2015

The 2015 CoisaCoisa trip to Brazil in July with Family and Friends. Sharon, Debbie, Connor, Dennis and Helton

An anticipated itinerary for the the trip to Brazil - a tour guided by Brazilian friends

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Tentative Social and Tour Activity

sexta-feira para segunda-feira, 17-20 juljo Belo Horizonte stay with family and friends - brasilieros
sexta-feira, 17 julho Belo Horizonte churrascaria  for Vicentina Birthday - smorgasbord
sábado, 18 julho Belo Horizonte sites and feijoada with friends.  Traditional Brazilian feast
domingo, 19 julho - am Belo Horizonte Feira de artes e artesanto (Feira Hippie) - Street Fair
domingo, 19 julho - pm Belo Horizonte sites and dinner with friends
segunda-feira a terça-feira 20-21 julho Oliveira stay with friends
segunda-feira, 20 julho Oliveira rent a car and see sites on the way
terça-feira 21 julo Oliveira sites and return to Belo
terca à noite 21 julo Belo Horizonte flight to Rio
terça-feira a quinta-feira  21-24 julho Rio de Janeiro stay at friends apartment
quarta-feira, 22 julo Rio de Janeiro sites of Rio with rented car and tour guide
quinta-feira 23 julo Rio de Janeiro Copacabana and Ipanema beaches
sexta-feira, 24 julo am Rio de Janeiro flight to Belo Horizonte
sexta-feira, 24 julo Belo Hoizonte sites and dinner with friends
sábado, 25 julho Belo Horizonte am relax and pm flights back to NY

We may swap Oliveira and Rio travel days depending on weather, prices, etc

Voyage Schedule

July 13 July 16 July  17
The Wisconsinites arrive in NY CoisaCoisa entourage departs for Brazil Arrive in Brasil  
July 25 July 26 July 27  
Depart Brasil Arrive New York Depart for Wisconsin  

Tam Airlines 767-300 seating chart - NY to Rio assigned: 31D, 31F, 31H, 31J, 31L

Apartment near Rio Beaches

We'll be staying in an apartment (THE X on the MAP) that is just 2 or 3 blocks from Copacabana
and about 8 blocks from Ipanema.  Sugar loaf is just out of map view on the corner at upper right and Corcovado is at the top center.  We are staying in the middle of Rio de Janeiro's best beaches. 

View of Corcovado of Rio
Click the thumbnail for a view of Rio de Janeiro from Corcovado, the Christ

Cash is king as they say.  It is relatively easy to exchange dollars for the Brazilian currency, the Brazilian Real (BRL - pronounced ray-ell), with friends or at banks.  The exchange rate is almost always higher locally, as much as 10 percent or more, than the official rate.  The official rate is approximately 3.07 real to 1 dollar officially in mid-June; the exchange rate changes daily.  Credit card companies usually give the official rate (although American Express gave more); but cc companies sometimes charge a transaction fee, so you loose when you use them

Estimated cash transportation cost totals to be shared

Apt to JFK  US$   100
BHZ to city  US$     50
Car rental to Oliviera 2days  US$   200
BH to Airport  US$     50
Airport to Rio  US$     50
Rio to Airport  US$     50
BHZ to city  US$     50
BH to Airport  US$     50
Car and driver in Rio  US$   150
JFK to Apt  $   US$ 100

Estimated total US$   850

Estimated Individual costs per person

Round Trip BHZ to Rio US$ 90
Rio attractions Corcovado / Sugar Loaf US$ 25 to US$ 35.  Internet says R$ 53 to R$ 63


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