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June Farm Visitors and Farm Scenes in Durand

How to enjoy life in the Summertime

June 17, 2007

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Pensive Justin Justin close up Julia what Julia Freckles sister closeup Sherri profile Beautiful 4 wheeler rides Farmhouse after 8 pm 4 wheeler boobs Curious Polaris Deck Talking Gary Giggline Many beers Back deck Late at night Pals Neighbors view Reflected Bratwurst Justin Grilling Dennis Conquering Dennis Hazy afternoon farm sun Hills Sunshed Neighbor Wisconsin hills Dales and hills June sunset Dandelion seeds Blooms of Wisconson Sunset with dandelion blooms Dandelion seed blossoms Seed closeup 2007_durand_augusta_june_july_048.jpg Country lane Yellow flowers 2007_durand_augusta_june_july_060.jpg sunset panorama Durand sunsets Sunset blaze Foggy Morning

The southern parts of the country and states to the south begin to sweat. Wisconsin summer is cool and comfortable

It's the best open place to be when the USA gets hot

Long Days, stunning sunrises and sunsets and fog now and again.  The longest day of the year has an average temperature of  83 degrees with lows in the low 60's.   The average highs and lows stay the same through early August.  The sun sets at about 9pm through late June and July

Kelly and Nathan joined the gathering at 7 and stayed late into the evening

Kelsey, Jared , Julia, Justin join Sherri and Gary. Dennis is there too. A family gathering on a Durand Farm

The kids ride on the 4 wheeler early in the evening

Photos of sunsets and dandelions and family on the farm.  Dennis like to photograph farms, the Wisconsin country side and farm scenes.  These photos are included here


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Photos by Dennis with a Panasonic DMC-FZ7 Digital Camera