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The  Formal Reception was held at the Clarion Hotel / Green Mill in Eau Claire Wisconsin

An Independence day celebration. The marriage of Ed Fattmann and Kaydi Saxe

July 4th 2009

2009_07_04_e_formal_reception (91 images) Click a picture to see a larger view.
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Wedding Cake Kaydi loses her Garter sexy man dancing The Bride Dances with Her Father partying Father and Daughter Dance with the Groom Party Bridesmade Singing Groom Air guitar Dancers guests Bride and Groom Flirt Julia The Maid of Honor Dances The guitar gets in between The guitar reception The Bride and Groom Dance together The brides papa dances with the bride Dancing Reception dance Father of the Bride Gets Down Bride plays guitar Justin and Kelli Dance commiserate Beautiful Bride Bride and Friend Friend of the newlyweds McDonalds Wedding Wedding at Mcdonalds Entrance Table visiting speeches Bride and Groom Speak Janine and Helton Nathan Justin and Julia Karen Saxe and her friend Guests Ring Bearer dances Flower Girl and NewlyWeds Dance Wedding Group Sandy Flower Girl Dance Reception Promonade Spectators First Dance for the Bride and Groom Ring Bearer Dance Bridal Adjustment Neighbors Roxie and Friend Rosie Junior and other neighbors Neighbors Sherri Flirts The Neighbors get teases Sherri Teases Sherri and Groom Sherri Dances with the Groom Family Julia's Parents Julia Reception Dance Guitar Playing Justin Justin Dancing at the reception Beer at late night Pool Pool John and Ardith with Sherri Ed and Kaydi Great grandparents Helton and Emogene Emo and Jeanette Emogene and Kaydi Aunt Jeanette at the Reception Sherri and Jeanette Jeanette and Sherri Jeanette and Dennis Dennis and Jeanette K and J Kelly and Jeanette Emogene and Helton Beth and her Husband Helton Family late at night day after the wedding

The Big Family Event in 2009 - A Wedding on the Fourth of July, Independence Day, the 4th of July

Fireworks and Celebration


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