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Helenice, Dennis and Helton Visit Rosangela in Middle Village New York in May 2000. The merry Month

Spring time in New York but it was hot

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Dennis and Helton Visit Rose in 2000 (9 images)

Helenice at Elmhurst befoe leaving for Roses' Rose on the phone and in the Refrigerator Helton and the striped green polo shirt
 Helenice, Rose, and Helton Helenice and Rose Rose with Azelas
 Helenice opposes a photo and Rose laughs Dennis and Flowers Dennis Azeleas and Helton at Rose'

The day was hot, very very hot. It set a record of 93 degrees. The hottest day on record

Life in New York city seemed idyllic and it was simple pleasures of having a weekend before Mother's Day with friends and lovers

The impending doom of September 11 was 4 months away and life did seem simple in May of the year 2000.  The new century had just started and we all were happy.  It was springtime in New York

We had fun with Helenice and Rose as Helton and Dennis visited two friends.  Rose lived in Middle Village, Queens, part of New York City


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Brazilians, Brasileiros, love to talk on the phone.  It always seems those from Brazil like to not mind the refrigerator door being open either

Photographed by Dennis with Dennis's Fujifilm DX-7 digital camera