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Nathan and Jared make a layover stop in New York on their way to Brazil.

Helton Donates Frequent Flyer Miles to Nathan for a Free ride to Brasil.  The trip of a lifetime for a 20 year old and his friend

February 26, 2000

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.Nathan and Jared February 26 2000 in NY on their way to Brazil in the Subway Elmhurst Stop on the Subway Staten Island Ferry ride in the fog The Statue of Liberty in the background Nathan and Jared February 26 2000 in NY on their way to Brazil in the NY Harbor The garden at the World Trade Centers with Nathan and Jaren Tiffany's on Fifth Avenue with Jared Jared at Tiffany's Time Square at Night in the Year 2000 Time Square with Nathan and Jared

Nathan and Jared spent a couple of days before heading off the visit Helton's family in Belo Horizonte Brasil

Nathan and Jared get a free trip to Brasil courtesy Helton's generosity and frequent flyer miles.  Nathan was pretty blasé about his visit to New York because he had been in the great city several times before. 

Jared was excited about the entire trip but he was at the point of obsession to visit Tiffany's and to be photographed at the world famous retailer

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Photographs with Dennis's Fujifilm DX-7 digital camera