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The Three Golden Girls in Great Falls Montana and Mom 75th Birthday in the year 2000

Emogene, Delores and Elvera

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3 Golden Girls in the Kitchen

3 Golden Girls In a Kitchen

Elvera, Delores and Emogene June 23, 2000 in Great Falls Montana

The Three Golden Girls out for a Walk in Montana

3 Golden Girls out for a walk

The Girls with a carving of a horse and a crusty old prospector

3 Golden Girls with a Horse

Golden Girls 3 with a Cowboy themed Totem Pole

3 Golden Girls with a Totem

Mom's 75th Birthday July 28 2000

Emogene with her 75th Birthday Flowers in Eau Claire Wisconsin

Trip to Montana and July 28th in the year 2000

Emogene Grams Knuth, Elvera Grams Biesecker, and Delores Grams Yannone are the daughters of Reta Zank Grams of Augusta Wisconsin.  All the girls are in their 60's in Montana photographs.  Also include is Emogene in Eau Claire at 75

Delores had not visited Wisconsin since the 1970's so she was happy to see her sisters.  Delores return to Wisconsin in 2002 at Emogene's 78 birthday part and family reunion


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