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Christmas 2009 at the Kelly's Family and Jared at his Church Program

Kelly, Kelsey, Nathan and Jared open presents on Christmas Day

December 25, 2009

2009-12-25-from-kelly-family (12 images) Click a picture to see a larger view.
Kelly Family Christmas with Nathan Kelly Jared and Kelsey
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2009_12_13_jared_church_xmas_07.jpg 2009_12_13_jared_church_xmas_08.jpg 2009_12_13_jared_church_xmas_09.jpg 2009_12_25_n_k_moore_at_kellys_xmas_01.jpg 2009_12_25_n_k_moore_at_kellys_xmas_02.jpg Father and son 2009_12_25_n_k_moore_at_kellys_xmas_08.jpg 2009_12_25_n_k_moore_at_kellys_xmas_09.jpg 2009_12_25_n_k_moore_at_kellys_xmas_10.jpg 2009_12_25_n_k_moore_at_kellys_xmas_18.jpg 2009_12_25_n_k_moore_at_kellys_xmas_19.jpg 2009_12_25_n_k_moore_at_kellys_xmas_20.jpg

Xmas Family Fun in Durand Wisconsin

Photographed with a JVC GZ-MS120 digital camera