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Helton Photo Album from the early 1980's

Life and enjoyment in the USA and Brasil

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House House House House

swim beach vicentina Vicentina Vicentina Helder and Anna 1980_12_00_helder_b.jpg

Party in Brazil 1981_03_00_miscelaneous_brasil.jpg 1981_07_00_helenice_e_eduardo.jpg 1981_07_00_helenice_wedding_cake.jpg 1981_12_00_helenice_and_eduardo_a.jpg

1981_12_00_helenice_and_eduardo_b.jpg Helenice 1981_12_00_helenice_plants_b.jpg 1981_12_00_helenice_watering_plants.jpg 1981_12_00_helenice_watering_plants_b.jpg

Bruno Cesa Moreira 1982_01_00_bruno_cesa_moreira_b.jpg 1982_01_00_helvio_w_thacila_a.jpg 1982_01_00_helvio_w_thacila_b.jpg 1982_01_00_thacila.jpg 1982_01_00_vicentina_w_thacila_a.jpg 1982_01_00_vicentina_w_thacila_b.jpg 1982_02_00_wedding_a.jpg 1982_02_00_wedding_b.jpg

1982_03_00_thacila_a.jpg 1982_03_00_thacila_b.jpg

 Beaches houses wedding and birth. Life and enjoyment in the USA and Brasil

Friends, Family and Fun

Vicentina's family, with Heloisa, Helton, Helder, Helenice and Helder.  Getting married, celebrating life on the beaches and ever expanding the family

New, York, Washington, DC, Helton, Yeda, Ronaldo, Tony, Family, Carnaval
Photographs digitized and scanned from a family album by Dennis in July 2014