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Coisa Coisa 1971 Index.  A year of managing Woolworth Store 956 and growing up just a little bit more.

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Sherri visits Milwaukee The Staff and Adelines Sister
Sherri Visits Dennis in West Allis and the Zoo in Milwaukee October 1971 Baseball Outing with the 1971 Brewers.  Woolworth Store 956 Miscellaneous Pictures from 1971.  Mom, Janet Higley, Wayne Keller, Dennis and other Friends
Baseball with Janet 1971_07_00_milwaukee_circus_janet_lois_lee.jpg Dennis Woolworth playing Tennis
The mystery woman, Lois Lee, a friend of Janet's in Milwaukee.  Don't know where she came from and don't know where she went. Old Milwaukee Days and Circus Wagons in Wisconsin in 1971 Miscellaneous photos from the 1970's


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