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Miscellaneous Helton Photos on St James Avenue from the early 1980's

Life and enjoyment in the USA and Brasil

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Rose and Helton 1980_00_00_albertina_and_husband.jpg helton_and_lady_friend.jpg 1981_00_00_st_james_apt_albertina_tony.jpg 1981_00_00_st_james_apt_tony.jpg 1981_00_00_st_james_apt_helton.jpg 1981_00_00_st_james_apt_tony_helton_02.jpg misc_friends.jpg unknonw_friends.jpg party_06.jpg 1981_00_00_st_james_heton_albertia_friend.jpg helton_and_friend_03.jpg 1981_00_00_st_james_heton_and_infant.jpg Helton and Ronaldo helton_and_friend_02.jpg helton_hugs.jpg ronaldo_and_friend.jpg party_04.jpg Albertina Helton and Yeda unknonw_friends_02.jpg snow by the cemetary Snow on St James Street in Queens

Friends, Family and Fun

Yeda was married to Ronaldo.  Helton came to New York in 1980 and decided to stay forever.  All of of this fun happened before Helton met Dennis.  I am sorry I missed it

St James, Avenue, Elmhurst, New York, friends, Albertina, Ronaldo, Yeda, snow, cemetery, Helton, tony, family, snow, Broadway, 1980s

Digitized from Helton's photo albums