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Dennis at Cape cod in 1981. Providence Rhode Island and Province Town Massachusetts

We drove up to New England from our Home in New York City

September 12, 1981

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Province town, Cape Code Massachusetts  Dennis in Province Town Mass on Cape Cod  Providence Rhode Island  Dennis shirtless

Summer Fun in 1981 - The crowds are gone after labor day

It was the weekend after labor day and the crowds of the summer were gone.  We got a house rental with a two bedrooms, kitchen and living room, room for at least 4 people, at the off-season price of about $30 a night  Two weeks before it rented for over $200 a night.  There were still a lot of tourists on this weekend but less that one third of summer's peak.  Most of the visitors were day trippers from Boston and other areas nearby.

We loved our trip, it's high point being whale watching out on the open ocean.  Our boat captain was an environmentalist.  There were many types to see and he kept us at sea for over 4 hours.  The big thrill was having a humpback whale "log", or float sleeping" along side of the boat for a while.  It woke and dived under the boat, spouting us with spray on the other side

Also:  Shirtless Dennis in his apartment during a hot July in Elmhurst New York

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Digitized by Dennis May 2014 from from printed photos in a personal photo album