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1986 Trip to Brazil for Dennis and Helton including the marriage of Heloisa to Ricardo

May 31 1986. First Trip to Brazil for Dennis with Helton

The American Guests were treated like royalty

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15 Days in Brazil

Heloisa Gets Married Vicentina's family    
Wedding Day for Heloisa and Ricardo.  May 31, 1986

Vicentina's house with her family and staff

Back kitchen at Vicentina's Friends on the Way to Ore Preto

Miscellaneous Photos with the Family

Day trip to the historic city of Ouro Preto and touring the Belo Horizonte Mountains and caves

1986 viagem ao Brasil para Dennis e Helton incluindo o casamento de Heloisa para Ricardo

We got a chance to see Macuina caves, the historical city of Oro Preto, the small town of Oliveira and a Brazilian Wedding

Around the house with Vicentina and her family and staff. 

Gruta do Maquiné Maquine Cave


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Photos are digitized from personal albums of Dennis and Helton