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Hawaii Volcano Video and Hawaii's Kilauea by Helicopter; erupting

 Jeanette, Rose, Dennis Helton and Emogene visit the big island

A ride over the erupting Kilauea Volcano on the big Hawaiian island

 October 1997

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Hawaii Video 1997

Rose Haddock Davis, Jeanette Grams Ayres, Emogene Grams Knuth, Helton and Dennis

The Helicopter Ride cost $100 per person in 1997

 A Helicopter ride over Kilauea on the big island of Hawaii. Lava flows in the caldron and lava snakes into the sea.  We heard rumors years after that our pilot died in a crash taking tourists to another island

The video was presented at the end of flight.  We converted it to digital from a VCR tape.


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