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Helvio, Alpha and their family invited us to a Churrascaria Restaurant in Belo Horizonte

Plates were priced by the Kilo

July 19, 2006

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Living statue street sweeper Other bar Open air exotic Close up Choices Heloisa gets her food at the salad bar food choice Steam table Blurry Check out terrible photo Table Heton and Gary Leaving Chale Mineiro Outside happy family Vicentina

Next to last day in Brazil

We were exhausted by our touring so we took it easy on this day

We had a beer earlier at another bar before going to the restaurant

In the Brazil the main meal of the day, is mid-day, what we Americans call lunch

Guests included Thacila, Thaisa, Helvio's daughters, Vicentina, her daughters Helenice and Heloisa, Dennis, Sherri Gary and Helton.  We all had a leisurely 3 hour meal

We headed back to Vincenta's after lunch.  We had to pack for our trip the next day back to the USA

Helton corrected us;  this is a buffet and not a churrascaria.

Brazil, restaurant, 2009, Helvio, family, Belo, plates, priced, kilo
Dennis took these photographs with a Canon PowerShot A1000 IS camera