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Vicentina's 80th Birthday is proclaimed by the Kings Messengers in Belo Horizonte Brazil, July 2009

The messengers proclaimed the birthday and Vicentina

Guests were Sherri and Gary from Durand Wisconsin and Dennis and Helton from New York

07-18-c-Party-Messengers (30 images) Click a picture to see a larger view.

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2009_07_18_c_partymsgs.jpg Jester Maria Teresa and Vicentina 2009_07_18_c_partymsgs_3.jpg 2009_07_18_c_partymsgs_4.jpg 2009_07_18_c_partymsgs_5.jpg 2009_07_18_c_partymsgs_6.jpg Vicentina and her messengers for her 80th birthday Vicentina Reads the Birthday Proclamation Proclamation from the King's Messengers 2009_07_18_c_partymsgs_10.jpg 2009_07_18_c_partymsgs_11.jpg 2009_07_18_c_partymsgs_12.jpg 2009_07_18_c_partymsgs_13.jpg 2009_07_18_c_partymsgs_14.jpg 2009_07_18_c_partymsgs_15.jpg 2009_07_18_c_partymsgs_16.jpg 2009_07_18_c_partymsgs_17.jpg 2009_07_18_c_partymsgs_18.jpg 2009_07_18_c_partymsgs_19.jpg 2009_07_18_c_partymsgs_20.jpg Holding the proclamation by Vicentina 2009_07_18_c_partymsgs_22.jpg 2009_07_18_c_partymsgs_23.jpg 2009_07_18_c_partymsgs_24.jpg Explaining the Messages to Dennis Knuth and other guests from Durand Wisconsin 2009_07_18_c_partymsgs_26.jpg 2009_07_18_c_partymsgs_27.jpg Vincentina when the party is over Vicentina says thank you for the messengers

There were tears of affection all around

Three days of celebrating and the party is over.  The last day was a pip.

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80th Birthday Messenger photos taken by Dennis with Canon PowerShot A1000 IS and Nikon CoolPix S200