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The Confirmation of Dennis at Grace Lutheran Church in Augusta Wisconsin

God Parents and Pastor E. G. Schedler

June 3, 1962

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Confirmation gown Bow tie God Parents

Ed and Adela Sperber of Cadott Wisconsin were God Parents

Tom Randall was one of the others confirmed on the same day

Dennis was seriously considering entering a Lutheran seminary at the time. Dennis was 14 years old and is sister Sherri was just 6. Adela was Dennis' father's, John Knuth, sister.

Smaller size photos of Dennis Knuth's confirmation

These smaller photos have not full size pages

Adel and Ed Sperber with Sherri, Dennis' sister

The Godparents, with Dennis sister, Sherri Donadean on Dennis Confirmation day

Dennis at Grace Lutheran Chruch in Augusta Wisconsin Dennis and Pastor Schedler at Grace Lutheran Church

The sign at Grace Lutheran Evangelical Church in Augusta Wisconsin says Examination Sunday, not Confirmation

Confirmees were questioned about the Bible in front of the entire attending congregation.  It's a rite of passage as a kid into adulthood in the faith.  The pastor, Pastor Schedler,  had 11 brothers.  All 12 brothers were Pastors in the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod

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Photos by Emogene with a Kodak Box camera, digitized from unidentified family albums