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Augusta Wisconsin High School 1966 Graduation

Graduating Class:  Dennis Tom and the Daniels Twins

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Dennis in his graduation gown Dennis promenading to graduation

Sharon and Karen Daniels Aunt Adela

Dennis Graduation Picture

1966 Augusta Wisconsin Graduating Class

The class was one of the early group of baby boomers.  The 1966 class was the 2rd year boomers to graduate high school - that is, this class was born in 1947 / 1948.  Two years after the end of World War 2

The Augusta Wisconsin High School Graduating Class of 1966

Marvel Arries
Dennis Bauch
Lewis Berlin
Patricia Bethke
Steven Bethke
Susan Bethke
Thomas Clark
Charles Cosgrove
Karen Daniels
Sharen Daniels
Alice Ann Dekan
Kent Digby
Dale Erdman
Josephine Francel
Katherine Frisbie
Alice Henning
Neal Henning
Sandra Honadel
Dean Horel
Dorothy Hudson
Michael Jungerberg
Annette Kaiser
Dennis Knuth
Sally Krueger
Patricia Lange
Donald Moen
Roxie Morrison
Richard Osborn
Jeff Peplau
Jane Pettis
Thomas Randall
Charles Reineke
Michael Ruppelt
Maryann Seilding
Lynda Shefchik
Glenn Shong
Susan Shutter
Phyllis Sieg
Judy Smith
Lon Solie
Ron Stanek
Larry Stevens
Steve Sudbrink
Steve Taschner
Roberta Thruston
Jeanne Warner
Linda Witte
Celia Wood
Dennis Woodford
Jeannine Ziehr
Dane Zook

My good friend Dean Debusman left high school at the age of 16 and did not graduate

Dale Erdman lost his life in the Viet Nam War in 1968, our one class member to give the ultimate sacrifice for his country.

Class of 1966 Augusta Wisconsin

Digitized by Dennis from a photo album, July 2014