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The staff at Woolworth Store 956 in Milwaukee Wisconsin on North Avenue

Located on 35th and North Avenue

October 10, 1973

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Office and floor staff Woolworth staff Wedding reception Lunch counter staff Store manager

Dennis was the manager at the store for 5 years

Wonderful workers from another time and new staff members.

Most of the ladies were career Woolworth employees and a several reached retirement age when Dennis was managing the store. Dennis was 25, many of those he managed were in their 60's or older.

 It was my first Woolworth Store Manager position.  These career employees where super in helping me grow.  My salary was about $12,000 at the time.  It was great when I became manager in 1970 but 70's high inflation severely ate into it's buying power.

Woolworth had a retirement program for the long term employees these years and the retiring ladies would benefit from the program

These photographs were taken by the photographer that ran traveling in-store booths for Woolworth

This Woolworth Store was in a rapidly changing neighborhood

A wide swath of homes, two blocks wide and 40 or 50 blocks long had been bulldozed in the 1960s for a new freeway extension.  The vacant land was one block from the store on North Avenue and ran parallel to the avenue. The road was never constructed and the neighborhood lost its attractiveness.  Urban decay began and resident incomes started to decline

The Woolworth Staff in Milwaukee

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