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Miscellaneous 1974 Milwaukee Wisconsin Photos

Bears in the Milwaukee County Zoo, Kerry and Janet and Louisa and Bunny

April 1974

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Zoo Bears Thumbnail Janet and Kerry Bunny and Louise

Dennis was working at Woolworth, Bunny and Louisa were working there too

Dennis was 27 at the time

Growing up and friends.  Lots of friends from Dennis's hometown and home town area came to visit Dennis in Milwaukee.  He was actually living in West Allis (Milwaukee was literally across the street, 84th Street).  The Milwaukee county zoo was just about 2 miles away

Bunny Conway and Louise McLaughlin worked for Dennis at the Woolworth Store on 35th and North Avenue.  They became close friends

Kerry and Janet came to visit Dennis and Janet ended up staying with him for far too long.

visitors,  Louisw, zoo, West Allis, Wisconsin, Janet, Bunny, Conway

Photos by Dennis digitized in 2014 when he was living in New York