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Opening Day for the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Team with friends in Wisconsin

Hank Aaron returns to Milwaukee as a Brewer

April 8, 1975

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County stadium Dennis Kurt and Dorothy

Milwaukee played the Cleveland Indians winning 6-2

Dennis join Kurt and Dorothy from Tess Tap and other friends for the opener

It was a cold day in Milwaukee, only about 35 degrees.  We bundled up warm and managed to set in the sun; it was confortable enough. There were six or eight of us but I cannot remember the names and the exact number.  The manager of Woolworth 72, the small one, on East Wisconsin Avenue downtown, was there.  Most of us were friends and regulars from Tess's Tap on 36th and North Avenue.  I sure Gus and Marge were there too

We were all excited for the return of Henry Aaron to Milwaukee.  Wisconsin still missed him after he left with Milwaukee Braves for Atlanta.  Milwaukee did not have a professional baseball team for three years so we welcomed the older baseball hero back with open arms.  Hank had an RBI in this debut with the Brewers

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