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A birthday party at Tess' Tap for Tess Boehm the owner of our Milwaukee neighborhood bar

Gus, Marge, Dennis and Tess planned the surprise

September 12, 1977

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Dennis and Marge Tess at Tess' tap Tess and flowers Tess with photos Birthday hug Tess' friends Tess at the zoo

Tess's Tap was just off North Avenue at 36th Street

The bar was strictly a neighborhood bar and was popular with regulars, many stopping by every day

Dennis and others from the nearby Woolworth stores, local store owners on North Avenue and residents made Tess' a popular place.  Tess was married to Tony (Anthony) Boehm and had a twin sister named Mary.  Tess and Tony, never having children, were like family to her regular customers.

Bunny Conway, Marge Rosga and life companion Gus McCleod Gloria, Ruth and many others were part of the regulars and the group

Woolworth Manager Hangout

Dennis managed the Woolworth store at 35th and North Avenue, later of 3rd and North.  Soon his manager friends from the other Milwaukee inner city stores made it a Friday ritual to hang out at Tess' Tap.  Jerry Ferguson from Vliet Street, Dan Saber from 27th Street, and Chester Cavil after he took over from Milton Hunter at Dennis old store at 35th.  During the those times there were 4 small Woolworth Stores in a 4 square mile area.  The manager of the local Ben Franklin store at 35th and North was curiously part of our Friday night group.  Tess was a friend for my 10 years in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Dennis started Tess' birthday day by going on a trip with her to the Milwaukee Zoo, hence the photo in this group

I lost contact with Tess after 1979 when I moved to New York.

Tony Boehm played with the Big Bands - an aside

Tony would often tell tales of his youth.  He played with Glenn Miller's band as a trumpeter during World War II

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Photos by Dennis with a Polaroid SX70 instant camera