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Gloria and Janet lean on the Bridge Creek Bridge at the Dells Mill

The other woman in the photo is unidentified

July 6, 1977

1977-glow-family-dells-mill -- 1977_00_00_dells_mill_glows_family_02.jpg
First | Previous Picture | Next Picture | Last | Back to index Gloria and Parents visit the Dells Mill
Janet Higley and Gloria Hillestad at the Dell Mill

The unknown woman:  Is that Gloria's sister?

A photograph from the last Century

This historic grist mill was in working condition in the 1970's.  Built in the 1860' it was entirely water powered.  The owner and museum host would occasionally power up the mill for groups of tourists.  The site was declared an Official US Historic site in the early 2000's.  It is one of the most photographed sites in Wisconsin

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Dennis digitized this from a family photo album, October 2009