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Dennis' friends made a surprise birthday party at Tess' Tap bar for his thirty-first birthday

Partying and dancing at the local neighborhood bar with friends

December 16, 1978

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surprize dancing Birthday 1978 drinking Glow and Erv blowing out the candles

It was a surprise and Dennis's friends were there

Tess' Tap became the hang out for the local Woolworth managers

The bar was 30 blocks from Dennis store on 3rd and North, store 948, there were four Woolworth stores within 2 miles of Tess' tap.  Many attended the party but not photographed.  I wish they had been to help remember almost 40 years later

It was the Disco Era, Saturday night and we partied and danced the night away

It was special and than you for making it rememberable

1978, Woolworth, local, bar, friends, surprise, Tess, Jerry, Chester, Ruth, Milwaukee, friend, 31
Photos made with Dennis' Polaroid SX-70 camera, digitized in 2014