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Garbage bags full of clothes and a clean clothes basket

Dennis getting packed to move to New York

March 16, 1979

03-16-leaving-milwaukee -- 1979_03_16_dennis_in_the_mess_of_stuff_to_move.jpg
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Dennis getting packed to move to New York

The train was leaving in four days

I was happy

We washed all the clothes and packed them in garbage bags to protect them before packing them in boxes.  We were getting ready to send them on the train

We didn't have much time.  I stayed at Woolworth until the last minute.  The bonus check for the previous year just came at the end of February (it was a piddling) and the monthly distribution came on the 14th of March.  I resigned on March 15th.  I was afraid that I would not get the distribution if I resigned earlier.  I was so sick of my job and I felt free now

The train ticket had been bought two months before - I had a train to catch

My friends got sick of me saying  "Free at last, free at last, thank god I'm free at last " over my last four days in Milwaukee

1979, free, resigned, happy, Dennis, move, garbage, clothes, check
Digitized 35 years later, in 2014, by Dennis from a photo album