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A first son, grandson and nephew: Nathan was born in February.

Nathan is Sherri' and Hal's first son

A series of photographs of his first year in 1979

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First time grandma Nathan newborn Six months Three months old Eight Months Bouncing Pontiac for sale Great grandmother

Nathan is the son of Hal Moore and Sherri Moore

Spring and first months of infant Nathan

Nate's parents were living near Harstad Park where the Eau Claire River meets Bridge Creek . Uncle Dennis, Grand mama Emogene and other family shared Sherri's happiness. 

One year old Nathan got to meet his Great Grandmother Reta Zank Grams Kunert just a few years before she passed on.  Grandma Reta relished her new Great grandson while she was in a nursing home after a series of strokes.

Dennis' Catalina

Dennis' 1973 Pontiac Catalina was at the end of its line after only 75 thousand miles.  Mom Emogene sold her Oldsmobile Cutlass to Dennis and Hal and Sherri sold Dennis'  car.  The new car cost $4,300 in 1973.  It was shot in 1979

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Photos scanned from Dennis' photo album in 2014 from pictures taken with Kodak film cameras