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Thanksgiving in New York with Sherri, Nathan, Justin and Emogene at the parade

The family visits Dennis and Helton for the Thanksgiving Holiday

November 26, 1992

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Raphael and Nathan Raphael and Dennis Rain poncho Soaking Emogene with family Macy's Thansgiving Day Parade Wisconsin Band Spiderman Balloon Santa Claus Bugs and Humpty Thanksgiving guests Family on the sofa

A weekend of New York during the Holiday Season

Sherri was from Mondovi with her kids and Emogene from Eau Claire Wisconsin

We enjoyed the parade even though the day had heavy rain.  There was three-quarters of an inch and it got up to 60 degrees.

We left our Elmhurst Apartment at about 8 am not expecting rain.  Out of better caution, we bought rain poncho's at Walgreen just in case.  We were happy we did, it poured during the parade

Helton didn't go with us but his nephew Raphael did.  Helton stayed at the apartment to watch the turkey as it was cooking.

We returned to the Apartment for Thanksgiving Dinner with our Brazilian Guests

Heloisa and Helenice, Helton sisters and our friends Norma and Babette,  all from Brazil, joined us in finishing off Thanksgiving Day.  A particular thing I remember is Nathan's meticulous folding of our rain ponchos, like they were never used, back into the original packaging

Sherri, family, Thanksgiving, New York, Macy's, parade Nathan, Justin, Emogene, 1992

Photos scanned in 2014 from Dennis' photo albums