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The home of John and Ardith Knuth in 2003 on the Independence Day Holiday

The home was always owned by someone in the family since the time it was built

July 5, 2003

07-04-WisconsinWeekend -- 2003_0705_johnshome01.jpg

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Home build by Ernie Kunert of Augusta Wisconsin

The Builder of the home was Ernie Kunert

Ernie built it in the 1940's or 1950's.  He later married Reta Zank Grams who was our grandmother.  The home was sold to Monty Knuth when Ernie and Rita moved to a home in Augusta Wisconsin.  Monty Knuth sold it to John and Ardith when they retired from farming in the late 1980's

Helton and Dennis, from New York, visited it on the Fourth of July Weekend in 2003

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Dennis took this photo with his Ricoh RDC-5300 digital camera