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Jared and Kelsey Visit Santa with Kelly and Nathan

Christmas Eve at the Mall with a stop at McDonalds play land

December 24, 2009

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Jared and Kelsey Visit Santa

2009_12_24_jared_kelsey_santa_01.jpg Jared and Kelsey 2009_12_24_jared_kelsey_santa_03.jpg 2009_12_24_jared_kelsey_santa_04.jpg smile attempt 2009_12_24_jared_kelsey_santa_06.jpg Santa and Jared and Kelsey 2009_12_24_kelsey_jared_at_mcd_01.jpg 2009_12_24_kelsey_jared_at_mcd_03.jpg 2009_12_24_kelsey_jared_at_mcd_04.jpg 2009_12_24_kelsey_jared_at_mcd_05.jpg kid chute 2009_12_24_kelsey_jared_at_mcd_07.jpg 2009_12_24_kelsey_jared_at_mcd_08.jpg 2009_12_24_kelsey_jared_at_mcd_10.jpg Slide Playland

See The Video! Jared Visiting Santa Claus

Jared Visiting Santa 2009 Video

A second visit to Santa Claus

Jared got a second visit with Santa, this time with Kelsey along.  Grandma Emogene and Uncle Dennis with Jared were there two days before

Jared and Kelsey also got to spend a little time playing at McDonald's play land

Christmas, eve, Jared, visit, Santa, Kelsey, 2009, 24th, December
Photographs with a Polaroid i832 digital camera