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Amazing things are seen on the Circle Line tour around Manhattan.

Ventilation structure for the New York Subway lines on Roosevelt Island

September 2010

2010-09-20-Sherri -- 2010_09_21_circle_line_27.jpg
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Roosevelt island Subway Ventilation

Yedda and Brian live in one of the apartments on the Island

Roosevelt island Subway Ventilation.  Sherri and Sally come to visit Helton and Dennis during the best month to tour New York: September.  It's just after the tornado that hit New York City. The weather type is not common.

It seems to us that a tornado is strange and it seems to us that is is indicative of global warning.

The structure design is a transposition of the old and the new in New York city.  Curiously, the subway station on Roosevelt island did not open until the 1990's.  The apartment buildings look newer but they are note

Yedda and Brian are our friends