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The loss of our father in the Wisconsin summer of 2012.

John Knuth died June 9, 2012

The summer, loss and life

Being with family and survivors helps us return from the surrealism. Country roads, the woods and friends helped
2012-06-15-dads-funeral-week (29 images)
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Wisconsin woodland Woodland Density dense leaves forest wildflowers woodland light leaves Earth under leaves Wildflowers Indian paint brush and Wid Rose Wild flowers Earth and flowers Speed limit 35 Speed sign Cruising Curve in the road Peaceful around the corner Road hill Peaceful valleys Gary smokes Strawberries Funeral flowers Dennis talks Photo by Gloria Smiling Justin Justin tees Toy golf Kid golf

The loss of an immediate family member is surreal

We were in a daze during the first days

We move through the early days of that loss in an alternate reality. Sun, Nature and countryside and solitude is therapy. Being with family and survivors helps us return from the surrealism

Thanks to our friends, especially Gloria for lightening our load

Both my sister and I did not grieve.  Our father John had been in ill health for many years.  We had visited him in the hospital expecting his death, at least 5 times, maybe more, over a period of 10 year.  He always survived.  His death came in a nursing home.  We somehow had grieved those 5 times before

We received flowers delivered to the farm from both Kelli and Kaydi, Gary's daughters

Justin and Jared came to stay to give honors and help us make it through the funeral week

We played kid golf, smoked Cuban, Cigars, cried a little bit and smiled

Dennis was in Wisconsin just two weeks before the death

He was in New York entertaining Brazilian friends when his Pa John Knuth died


2012, June, summer, daze, life, loss, nature, reality, John, Knuth, died
Photographs Dennis and other family members with Fujifilm FinePix S1500 and Canon PowerShot ELPH 110 HS digital cameras