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John Knuth meets his great-grandson Colin for the last time

John will be dead one month later in June of 2012 at the age of 87

Ardith and John at the Dove Home on Truax in Eau Claire

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colin 2012_05_14_colin_and_grandpa_john_img_1755.jpg 2012_05_14_colin_and_grandpa_john_img_1756.jpg 2012_05_14_colin_and_grandpa_john_img_1757.jpg 2012_05_14_colin_and_grandpa_john_img_1758.jpg 2012_05_14_colin_and_grandpa_john_img_1759.jpg 2012_05_14_colin_and_grandpa_john_img_1760.jpg 2012_05_14_colin_and_grandpa_john_img_1761.jpg 2012_05_14_colin_and_grandpa_john_img_1762.jpg 2012_05_14_colin_and_grandpa_john_img_1763.jpg Sherri Gary and Colin 2012_05_14_colin_and_grandpa_john_img_1765.jpg 2012_05_14_colin_and_grandpa_john_img_1766.jpg 2012_05_14_colin_and_grandpa_john_img_1767.jpg Colin and Great Grandfather John Knuth Colin and Great Grandfather John Knuth

Great Grandfather John with Colin and family

On the Farm in Durand Wisconsin 2012

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Sherri took these photographs with a Canon PowerShot SX20 IS camera