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July Birthdays 2013 for Emogene Jared and Colin at the farm

A trio of birthdays and one big birthday party

2013-07-12-Birthdays (49 images) Click a picture to see a larger view.
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Birthday Card 2013_07_12_birthays_at_farm_1082.jpg Dairy calf 2013_07_12_birthays_at_farm_1085.jpg 2013_07_12_birthays_at_farm_1086.jpg Grandma Emogene celebrates her 88th 2013_07_12_birthays_at_farm_1088.jpg Grandma aunt and uncle Cool sunglasses 2013_07_12_birthays_at_farm_1091.jpg 2013_07_12_birthays_at_farm_1092.jpg 2013_07_12_birthays_at_farm_1093.jpg Two cakes 2013_07_12_birthays_at_farm_1095.jpg 2013_07_12_birthays_at_farm_1096.jpg 2013_07_12_birthays_at_farm_1097.jpg 2013_07_12_birthays_at_farm_1098.jpg 2013_07_12_birthays_at_farm_1099.jpg 2013_07_12_birthays_at_farm_1100.jpg 2013_07_12_birthays_at_farm_1101.jpg 2013_07_12_birthays_at_farm_1102.jpg 2013_07_12_birthays_at_farm_1103.jpg 2013_07_12_birthays_at_farm_1104.jpg 2013_07_12_birthays_at_farm_1105.jpg 2013_07_12_birthays_at_farm_1106.jpg 2013_07_12_birthays_at_farm_1107.jpg 2013_07_12_birthays_at_farm_1108.jpg 2013_07_12_birthays_at_farm_1109.jpg Papa Ed 2013_07_12_birthays_at_farm_1111.jpg father and daughter 2013_07_12_birthays_at_farm_1113.jpg 2013_07_12_birthays_at_farm_1114.jpg 2013_07_12_birthays_at_farm_1115.jpg 2013_07_12_birthays_at_farm_1116.jpg 2013_07_12_birthays_at_farm_1117.jpg 2013_07_12_birthays_at_farm_1118.jpg 2013_07_12_birthays_at_farm_1119.jpg Showing cows 2013_07_12_birthays_at_farm_1121.jpg Uncle Helton and Dennis 2013_07_12_birthays_at_farm_1123.jpg 2013_07_12_birthays_at_farm_1124.jpg Carson 2013_07_12_birthays_at_farm_1128.jpg 2013_07_12_birthays_at_farm_1129.jpg Grandpa Gary 2013_07_12_birthays_at_farm_1131.jpg Kelli and new nephew

The family gets together each July to Celebrate three birthdays during the month

Jared was born on the on July 19, Colin on July 28 and Great Grandma Emogene on July 28th.  Emogene talks excitedly about the dual July 28 births whenever the subject comes up.  It is important for her for sharing the date with another family member.  Carson is the newest member of the family and it is his first visit to the farm

Kids always love to visit Grandpa Gary and Grandma Sherri's farm.  The toddlers love to see the dairy cows.  Gary loves giving the toddlers rides on his John Deere tractors and his other farm vehicles.

The trio of July birthdays are an opportunity to have one big Celebration.  This years hit with everyone was the super sized birthday cookie

July, three, birthdays, Wisconsin, farm, Sherri, cows, Gary, cookie, John Deere, grandpa, rides, Sherri, kids, party, Durand, 2013
Photographs with a Nikon Coolpix S8200 camera