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Tom and Abby Graciously send along a selfie taken on the bus tour and a thank you note

We took a day / night double decker bus tour around Manhattan during the day and into Brooklyn at night

June 14, 2014

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The Selfie Taken on the Double Decker Bus Tours

Selfie on the Brookly segment of the Double Decker tour bus

The Very Gracious Thank You Card from Tom and Abbey

Thank you note from Abby for Dennis Hosting

Tom was doing a voice chat with is sister-in-law, Barb in Iowa

"Barb, Barb, we are in New York City with Dennis".  It was a lot of craziness on the double decker bus top.  The  double decker trip was great but the bus was not in its prime.  The tour was in two segments:  Manhattan circle in the day and Brooklyn portion with Manhattan at night was after 7 pm.  Plus:  the day was very cool and the night was chilling.  Tom's craziness made Abby and I forget the cold.  We were very very cold

The selfie is with Tom's iPhone and the thank you card is by a digitized by scanning by dennis