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Sharon has a happy new year cocktail party in Eau Claire Wisconsin, Cheese Balls and Cachaca were served

Guests were Dennis and Helton from New York, and Debbie, Connor and Paul from Eau Claire

January 1, 2016

2016-01-01-cocktails-at-sharons-winphone (12 images)

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Fresh baked Cheese Balls Sharon Dennis and Paul Dennis at the snack table Helton and Sharon on New Years Day Sharon and Helton in the formal living room Sharon's formal livingroom Wisconsin snow Sharon's family room Dinning area in the formal living room Sharon waves goodbye Paul on New Years Day 2016 Happy 2016 New Years Group at Sharons

Smiles and laughter on a bright day with plenty of sunshine

Sharon's son, Paul took most of the Pictures of the group so he is on only one photograph.  Helton brought so home made cheese balls and Dennis brought the wine.

Sharon had made some terrific snacks.  Debbie and Connor provided laughter and more

Sharon took time to show us her wonderful house and home.  There is a natural warmth about the place.  Fresh snow made the event fell like the Christmas in Wisconsin that it was

Thank you for inviting us to you home in Eau Claire Wisconsin for cocktails

Helton and Sharon, with Helton's tutelage, made Caipirinhas from Cachaca Sharon and Debbie brought with them from the trip to Brazil in July. Conversation was remembering the trip


New York, Helton, guests, Dennis, Helton, cocktails, snacks, Brazilian
, drinks, Paul, Debbie, balls, cheese, Connor, served

Photos by Lumia 640 Windows smart phone