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Helton visits Wisconsin for Labor Day the and the celebration of his 65th birthday

We spent time on the farm at Emogenes and visiting

September 6, 2016

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Sharing a laugh Enjoying the lawn Emogene Antiques t-shirt Farm House Chicago by air Sherri with cat Sherri's cat Birthtay gift

Visiting Sherri, Gary, Emogene and Dennis; flying into Chicago on a clear day and returning to New York

Dennis is caring for his 91 year old mother, Emogene, in Eau Claire so Helton spent time there and on the Farm in Durand Wisconsin

The September weather was about 10 or more degrees above normal so the stay was like summertime.  Sherri's house was adorned with summer flowers.   Wisconsin rain for 2016 averaged over 6 inches above normal so the country side was green and lush. The only fall color was the drying corn and soybeans

Helton arrived on the September 3rd and returned to New York, with Dennis, on the 14th

We try to be friendly to Spec the cat too but its fruitless. 

Emogene likes to have her photo taken with antique farm equipment

Helton brought along a Galo t-shirt


September, 2016, Labor, Day, birthday, 65th, Wisconsin, visits, Emogene, Raphael, Gary, Sherri

Photographs by Helton with a Lumia 640 smart phone