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 Sharon's excellently prepared bratwurst and offered Honey Weiss beer by Leinenkugal's

Helton was fond of the mustard

September 13, 2016

Sharon's -- 2016_09_09_brats_at_sharons_38.jpg
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Leinenkugal's Honey Weiss and Wisconsin Bratwurst

Special day for Helton, his birthday, his 65th

Leinenkugal's Honey Weiss and brats made it memorable. Helton was a tetoler for most of the trip but he had a bunch of beers for his birthday. Leinenkugals is brewed locally in Chippewa Falls Wisconsin

The mustard was great but the ketchup was common.  Onions topped it all


September, 2016, birthday, 65th, celebrate, Eau Claire, guest, bratwurst, wine, snacks

Photographs on Microsoft Windows Lumia 640 smart phone by Helton