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December Birthdays. One of the big Seven 0 and one of forty seven

Debbie and Dennis celebrate together because Dennis is still around

December 16, 2017

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Dennis December Birthday Family and friends at the birthday Debbie's December Birthday

This was the best Birthday that Dennis has ever had!

Dennis was very happy to be around.  The year was tough but he made it to the end of it and got to celebrate Debbie's birthday, too, later in the month

Dennis and Sherri lost their mom, Emogene, in March.  Dennis had a burst appendix in September.  Dennis had emergency surgery and gangrene with the appendicitis. A finally, Dennis had open heart surgery in October

Indeed, Dennis was happy to be around in December

big, Dennis, seventieth, birthday, Debbie, celebrate

Photos take with a Apple 4s, by Dennis, and an Apple 6 by Sherri