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We moved in into our new apartment on Fairfax Street in March of 2018

Cold spring with with 10 inches of snow in early April

April 4, 2018

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front of the apartment main entrance side and back side back entrance

Record cold on our first month in the apartment

Two bedrooms and two full baths

A patio with room for two chairs and a small table just off of the guest bedroom

Our good friend Tom and two Amish guys helped us move from MacArthur Avenue to our new apartment.  We moved on March 20th, 2018

The robins and other song birds have already made up home in the neighborhood for the summer but the Wisconsin snow kept coming in the month of April.  This pages is being updated on Friday the 13th and over 12 inches of snow is expected over the next two days.

2018, apartment, April, bedroom, Fairfax, street, Eau Claire, moved, snow, March

Photos by Dennis with his iPhone 4s.  All photos are stitched from several photos into panoramas by Microsoft's ICE (Image Composite Editor)