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Dennis moved to New York city in March of 1979 but left his car in Milwaukee with Ruth

Dennis returned to Milwaukee in June, picked up the car and drove to his hometown to see the family

June 6, 1979

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Dennis and young Nathan Dennis and Cutless John Knuth and Dennis Knuth Father, Brother and Sister John Knuth family wit stepmother Ardith

Dennis is an Uncle for first time

Dennis's Nephew Nathan is just 5 months old, his sister and the baby's mother, Sherri, is 21.  It was worth the trip from New York just to see them

Ruth Pellmann had been keeping the car in Milwaukee since Dennis left for New York in March of this same year.  Dennis took the car back to New York during the gasoline crisis of 1979

Dennis, returned, Oldsmobile, 1979, pick up, Milwaukee, family, New York

Photographs digitized by Dennis June, 2014 from a personal photo album.  Original photos made with Dennis's SX-70 Polaroid Camera